Hi, I'm Aaron Charcoal Styles.

I make stuff with code and yarn.

Sometimes both at the same time.

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The latest release of Claude AI's 3.5 Sonnet model is one of the best general models for code. Added to this, the team have added a feature called Artifacts that shows the complete code that it generates for you and if it's a webpage it'll show you that, too.

Created: Sun Jul 07 2024

I'm been working on an app that I'm not sure if it'll be a website, PWA, mobile app or any combination of them. But I ran into a problem linking Android Studio in Windows from my development environment in Ubuntu WSL2. Here's how I solved it.

Created: Tue Oct 25 2022

Recently I was working on a project where we wanted to bring in data from a SharePoint site. Unfortunately because of reasons we didn't have any access to any of the Sharepoint backend. So, I came up with a way of scraping that data live. Use this sparingly, if at all; it's a terrible way of doing this stuff. But if you need to, here's how to do it.

Created: Sun Feb 27 2022

Mapbox GL JS, as most mapping libraries use the concept of layers to organise what is shown on a map. Layers that are above others render over the top of ones below. React-map-gl also uses this concept, but because it follows the JSX components, reorganising the layers can be a bit of a headache.

Created: Fri Feb 18 2022

Turf.js is a great JavaScript library for doing geospatial analysis and manipulation directly in the browser. But it does have a downside; all of it's functions are synchronous, halting the whole webpage when processing large amounts of data.

Created: Fri Jan 21 2022

Using Next.js's Static HTML Export and AWS' S3 storage and Cloudfront CDN, you get a great development experience, a fast loading pre-rendered site and all the React stuff you could want.

But there are a few quirks to get it working just right.

Created: Wed Jan 19 2022

Mapbox GL JS is a great library for visualising geospatial data in an interactive map on a web site. The library provides many different ways of rendering data, from markers for single points to fully 3D extruded polygons!

Created: Mon Aug 16 2021